Maryland Boxer Briefs:
Show Off Your School Spirit

There is always that question of which is better for men: boxers or briefs? But for those who cannot choose, why not have both?

Both underwear types are used for the same purposes but their difference lies in the features and purpose. It is all about the individual’s preference. There are those who want to stick to the traditional briefs while some would want to try this newer version of men’s underwear. But for many men, boxer briefs are becoming the preferred underwear for them. One of the main reasons behind this is the fact that they lean towards the comfort and convenience of boxer briefs. The loose and light materials allow the skin to breathe more freely. It also doesn’t restrict movement whether they are on the go or even while sleeping.

For sports fans out there who are looking for comfort and team spirit down to their underwear, Fandemics has Maryland boxer briefs for all you. Contact us now to know how to place an order.

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