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A large part of being a college student is cheering for the university team no matter what the sport is. It encourages school spirit, unity and a sense of brotherhood among the students. It can be a great feeling to be among the many supporters of a team that is playing for school glory. Nowadays, there is a way for sports fans to not just display their support – they can even wear it. Meet Fandemics – a company that offers officially licensed sports apparel including Maryland boxer briefs.

We all know that sports fans are very enthusiastic. They want to show their support in and out of the court. It doesn’t matter if it’s game day or not. They don’t really choose a day or place to show everyone how proud they are of their school team. If you are an avid college sports fan yourself, why not wear Maryland boxer briefs now?

Buy Your College Sports Apparel From Fandemics Now!

With college logo apparel currently on the rise, there are now more options when it comes to clothing apparel with university logos on it. In fact, underwear and sleepwear with university logos are now available. Here at Fandemics, you can buy pajamas and Maryland boxer briefs if you are a true blue Terrapin.

Who is the team behind Fandemics and how were they able to transform their fandom into this thriving sport merchandise business? It was established by devoted USC fans that know how it is to be into a sports team and to support it all the way. They noticed that the current line of college sports merchandise is missing one very important piece of clothing: boxers. This is what led to the first and only officially licensed college fashion underwear and pajama brand – Fandemics.

Wear Your Maryland Boxer Briefs With Pride

More than putting your fandom in mind, we also make sure that our products are top quality. All our underwear and sleepwear, including University of Maryland boxer briefs, are made from the best fabric, has great fit, comfort and style. Be a true-blue Terrapin now by supporting your school down to your underwear. Order now!

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