Avid Gators Fan In UF Boxers for Boys

Certified fans and supporters of the University of Florida Gators own pajamas and underwear designed after the team in addition to their collection of shirts and jackets. Now, they can also let their children wear the UF boxers for boys to simply show admiration and support for the team. Boys have the decision to go for the designs that they like such as the following:

  • Black-colored boxer shorts that has an allover print of the UF Gators logo and the name Florida on the waist band.
  • Gray banded brief with the name ‘Florida’ largely printed on the waist band.

Aside from the boxers, there are also other products available for boys like the pajamas, sports shorts, and the brief all of which bearing the UF Gators logo. Interested customers may visit Fandemics anytime.

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